Best Fur-iends Forever: The Unique Bond Between Samson the Golden Retriever and Cleo the Six-Month-Old Kitten

A heartwarming video showcasing the unlikely bond between a golden retriever and a kitten living under the same roof has captured the attention of many viewers. Lea Hendy, a 27-year-old analyst from New York, introduced her two-year-old golden retriever named Samson and six-month-old Scottish fold cat named Cleo, who have become the best of friends. In the cute footage shared by the loving owner, Samson can be seen giving Cleo a ride on his back when she gets tired. The heartwarming videos have gained popularity online, showing the adorable pair playing and cuddling together.


Lea Hendy, 27, from New York, has shared adorable videos of the friendship between her two-year-old golden retriever Samson and six-month-old, Scottish fold cat Cleo (pictured)

Lea Hendy, a 27-year-old New Yorker, delighted her followers with heartwarming videos showcasing the bond between her playful golden retriever, Samson, and the mischievous six-month-old Scottish fold cat, Cleo.

Lea explained that she decided to get a cat after seeing how excited Samson was when he first saw a moggy in Paris last year. Pictured: Samson and Cleo

Lea described how she made the decision to adopt a cat after witnessing Samson’s enthusiastic reaction to encountering a stray feline in Paris during their trip last year. In the photo: Samson and Cleo.

Lea said Samson is a very social and loving dog, who has taken on a fatherly figure. Pictured: Samson and Cleo

According to Lea, Samson is described as a friendly and affectionate dog who has a caring and paternal nature. In a photo, Samson is seen with Cleo, showing their close bond. Lea shared, “Samson is such a social and loving dog. When he encountered a cat for the first time in Paris, he was so thrilled that I decided to get him a cat companion of his own.” She continued, “He has really embraced a fatherly role with Cleo. After meals, Samson grooms her and they even sleep together. It’s truly heartwarming to witness their relationship.” During their hikes, Lea mentioned that Cleo tends to exhaust easily, but Samson comes to her rescue by letting her ride on his back until she regains her energy.

Lea revealed Samson often grooms Cleo after dinner and the best friends enjoy sleeping together. Pictured: Lea cuddling Samson

Lea disclosed that Samson likes to groom Cleo after they eat dinner, and the two best buds love snuggling together at night. In the photo, Lea can be seen cuddling with Samson.

The 27-year-old said Samson carries Cleo on his back when the six-month-old kitten gets tired during hikes. Pictured: Samson and Cleo

In hikes, the 27-year-old mentioned that Samson kindly gives Cleo a lift on his back when the little six-month-old kitten gets too tired. Here is a picture of the adorable duo, Samson and Cleo.

Lea said it's amazing to watch the friendship between the two-year-old golden retriever and six-month-old Cleo (pictured)

Lea exclaimed how delightful it is to witness the bond between the young golden retriever and precious six-month-old Cleo in the photo.

Lea revealed strangers who are in awe of the animal's friendships have stopped to take photographs. Pictured: Cleo and Samson

Lea shared that onlookers who are amazed by the bond between the animals often pause to snap some photos. In the picture: Cleo and Samson.

One photo shows the inseparable pair coordinating in matching scarves. Pictured: Cleo and Samson exploring the outdoors

In a single picture, Cleo and Samson can be seen wearing matching scarves as they enjoy their outdoor adventure together.

Another snap shows the adorable duo posing together alongside a scenic view. Pictured: Samson and Cleo

In another photo, the lovable duo is seen striking a pose together against a beautiful backdrop. Featured: Samson and Cleo. Passersby are amazed by the bond between these two and often pause to capture the moment. According to Lea, “It’s surprising to see how close they are. Cats and dogs are usually seen as enemies, but that’s not the case with this pair. We also have a Labrador named Calvin, who is four years old, but he’s not bothered by it. Cleo and Samson just get along so well – even though she’s tiny and only weighs three pounds, she knows how to hold her own.”

Lea said although dogs and cats are supposed to be enemies, the opposite is true of her two pets. Pictured: Samson and Cleo

Lea explained that despite the common belief that dogs and cats are natural enemies, her two pets, Samson and Cleo, prove otherwise.

Lea said her other dog Calvin, 4, who is a Labrador, isn't fazed by the chemistry between Samson and Cleo (pictured)

According to Lea, Calvin, her four-year-old Labrador, remains unfazed by the strong bond between Samson and Cleo, as shown in the picture.

Lea revealed Cleo (pictured) shows Samson who's boss despite being small and only weighing three pounds

Lea disclosed that Cleo, the petite three-pounder pictured here, definitely doesn’t let her size hold her back when it comes to establishing dominance over Samson.

Videos of Cleo and Samson (pictured) playing and snuggling together have racked up hundreds of views

The adorable footage of Cleo and Samson (the two cuties in the photo) having fun and cuddling has gained a lot of attention online. For more heartwarming videos, check out @calvin.andco on social media.

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