“Feline Friends: Bonding Beyond Differences”

Two adorable kittens, each with their own unique journey, find comfort and companionship in each other as if they have always been by each other’s side.

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Binoo, a kitten rescued by Celine from @comrescuemontreal, was saved from a difficult situation at only seven weeks old. Upon arrival at Chatons Orphelins Montreal, a cat rescue, Binoo was found to have multiple health problems due to neglect.
Weighing in at a mere 600 grams, Binoo had never been properly weaned and had been struggling with stomach issues for a while. Celine Crom, from the rescue, mentioned that despite his hardships, Binoo was incredibly friendly and craved attention.
Quickly treated and cleaned up, Binoo’s resilience and sweet nature shone through despite his challenging start to life.

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Celine @comrescuemontreal shared that Binoo showed significant progress with good care and nutrition. His stomach problems improved, and he transformed into a happy and healthy kitten. After receiving the proper care, he thrived and showed his affectionate personality by being vocal and enjoying attention. In foster care, he quickly adapted to eating solid food.

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Celine from @comrescuemontreal shared that although Binoo loved the attention from his foster family, he really wanted a playmate who could keep him company and nap together. During Binoo’s recovery, a kind person found another kitten, who was younger and much smaller than him, abandoned on the street.

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Trooper, as lovingly named by the volunteers at @comrescuemontreal, received round-the-clock care including bottle feeding and wound treatment. Thanks to their dedication, after a few days, he showed remarkable improvement and was able to feed himself from the bottle with strength and vigor. Trooper lived up to his name, showing resilience and becoming more lively and active as he continued to thrive under their care.

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Celine from ComRescueMontreal shared that when Trooper first arrived, he was very thin, but now he is slowly gaining weight and getting stronger. Trooper is always seeking affection, often snuggling up to the resident cat and his humans. It seems like he craves companionship and never wants to be alone.

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Trooper adores getting cuddles
Celine @comrescuemontreal
Once he was feeling better and ready to mingle with other foster kittens, he crossed paths with Binoo, and it was an instant connection.
The two little felines immediately bonded during their first encounter. They wasted no time in playing and wrestling together, with Binoo taking on the role of a caring older sibling by trying to groom Trooper.

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Binoo and Trooper, known as @comrescuemontreal on social media, love to race around the room, playfully attacking each other until they’re too exhausted to continue. Afterwards, they snuggle up together either in a cozy bed by the window or on a cat tree. Their bond is unbreakable, always sticking together like best buddies.

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In no time at all, Celine from Com Rescue Montreal and Binoo formed a strong friendship. Binoo took on the role of showing his younger sibling the ways of being a cat, teaching him the ropes, and making sure he stayed groomed from top to bottom.

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They do everything as a team
From playing together to resting, Celine (@comrescuemontreal) and Trooper are inseparable. Celine is like a caring big brother to Trooper, who admires and follows him wherever he goes.

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Celine, from @comrescuemontreal, found a new beginning thanks to the generosity of others. Now, she and her furry companion are making the most of every moment as partners in crime.

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Close companions
Celine and @comrescuemontreal have ensured that Trooper will never experience loneliness again. Thanks to his new big brother, who showers him with affection and cares for him like family.

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