Scottish Fold Cat Becomes Foster Dad to a Rescued Kitten

Teddy, a Scottish Fold cat, welcomed a tiny rescue kitten named Xena into his home and took on the role of her foster father. From the moment they met, Xena has been sticking to Teddy like Velcro, forming a strong bond. Back then, Xena was nothing more than a small, fluffy ball of fur.

“Xena is such a little ball of energy! She’s a fun and affectionate kitty who loves to pass the time playing with toys or chasing around her fellow furry companions,” shared the Orphan Kitten Project. And just a short while after they met, something incredible occurred.

Since that day, Xena couldn’t be more attached to Teddy. Wherever he went, she would follow, even to the sink. Teddy jokingly said, “If you’re going to stick around, you might as well help me bake some muffins.”

Teddy is showing Xena the ropes on how they can enjoy their movie night together.

Xena may be a feisty little girl, but Teddy is determined to transform her into a sophisticated lady.

When Xena nods off on Teddy, it can be quite the task to get up and use the bathroom…

Teddy loves to share all his goodies with his adorable foster kitten.

Xena and Teddy are growing closer in size as well as deepening their love for each other.

Teddy has done an amazing job as a foster parent. Just look at how amazing Xena has grown up to be!

Update: We are excited to announce that Xena has found her forever home! 🐾🏑

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