The Healing Power of a Feline Family: A Cat’s Second Chance at the Vet

Cat Helps Kittens Thrive at the Vet After He Was Given Second Chance

A feline sought help at a vet’s office to improve its quality of life. Now, it is paying it forward by assisting fellow animals in need.

Scottish fold, cat, cuddles, ginger, kitten

A cute ginger and white cat was brought to Oaks Veterinary Urgent Care in Agoura Hills, California after suffering a spinal injury. Dr. Rachel Wallach, a caring veterinarian at the clinic, shared with Love Meow that the cat was paralyzed from the mid-back downwards.

Despite his paralysis, the cat, affectionately called Ferg, still had feeling in his back legs and tail. Dr. Wallach saw this as a glimmer of hope, as it meant there was a chance for Ferg to regain his ability to walk and go to the bathroom on his own.

Taking a chance on the adorable feline, the veterinary team knew that his road to recovery would be a slow and challenging one. However, they were determined to assist Ferg in his journey to wellness. Dr. Wallach decided to name him Fergus, a fitting Scottish name meaning Man of Strength, as a tribute to her time studying veterinary medicine in Scotland.

Scottish fold, cat, ginger, veterinary

They provided care for his pain and urinary tract infection, and they celebrated small victories each time Fergus showed improvement. A few weeks later, he surprised everyone by standing on his own for the first time.

Rachel humbly admitted, “I’d like to believe our care had something to do with it, but it was actually meeting another cat friend that motivated Fergus.” Their clinic cat, Salvador, took notice of Fergus as soon as he arrived, and they began communicating through meows. “We placed a step stool in front of Fergus’ cage, and Salvador climbed up to greet him. Instantly, Fergus was up on his feet. We were overjoyed!”

Scottish fold, cat, cuddles, kitten

After gaining enough strength, Ferg ventured around the clinic, making new acquaintances along the way. Rachel shared with Love Meow the story of him befriending a dog recovering from heat stroke, spending the day together. When a group of orphaned ducklings arrived, the gentle kitty stepped up to offer them warmth and solace. As Fergus started moving around freely, they uncovered a unique trait about him.

Scottish fold, cat, cuddles, kitten

“He enjoys taking care of our newest furry friends, making sure they are well looked after. The night before my birthday, an old co-worker called me about 10 kittens in need of a safe place. One of them was in a bad condition and required a lot of care. After all the other kittens were adopted, nurse Fergus took charge of him and showed him lots of love.

Another kitten, Skywalker, was found unconscious on the roadside. His time on the streets had taken a toll on him. Despite the extra care, he was not thriving. Once his flea infestation was treated and his stomach issues resolved, we decided to place him with a foster parent.” Rachel shared with Love Meow.

Scottish fold, cat, cuddles, kitten

Ferg decided to mentor the small kitten, and Skywalker quickly showed signs of improvement by eagerly eating his food. Despite a challenging start, the kitten was now making significant progress and thriving. Ferg played a crucial role in helping the kitten recover and grow into a beautiful cat. Check out this adorable video showcasing Ferg and Skywalker’s bond.

Not too long ago, a cute ginger kitten named Oliver came to the vet clinic with a hurt tail that needed to be amputated. This resilient feline quickly recovered after the operation and was back to meowing happily the very next day. The clinic staff had the perfect nurse in mind to look after Oliver and help him heal.

Scottish fold, cat, cuddles, ginger, kitten

They were introduced to Fergus, and within moments, the kitten nestled into his arms, and soon they both drifted off to sleep snuggled together. Fergus now had a new responsibility to look after, and he approached his duties with a deep sense of dedication.

Scottish fold, cat, cuddles, ginger, kitten

Whenever Fergus encounters an animal at the veterinarian’s office, his natural instinct is to offer them comfort and reassurance.
Thanks to the second chance he was given, Fergus is now paying it forward by assisting those who require help.

Scottish fold, cat, cuddles, ginger, kitten

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