“A Daily Dose of Love: When a Giant Dog and a Postman Form an Unbreakable Bond”

Each day, Fronky, a Bull Mastiff, goes through a routine. Each morning, the pup stands by the entrance, begging his owner to allow him to go outside. Once in the yard, he sits down and patiently waits.

Fronky eagerly awaits the arrival of his closest friend, Shaun, who is a mailwoman. Their bond goes way back since the time Fronky was a young puppy of seven weeks. They have an unbreakable connection, and meeting Shaun is the most exciting event of Fronky’s day. Eileen, Fronky’s mother, mentioned that when Shaun is at her truck, preparing to deliver her packages, Fronky’s tail wags so quickly that it seems like it might fall off. Sometimes, Fronky can get restless if Shaun takes too long to arrive. Even though Fronky has grown into a massive 180-pound dog capable of jumping over the fence, he remains a well-behaved boy, staying within his boundary. Luckily, Shaun still manages to shower him with love and affection. Eileen stated that Shaun had a chocolate Labrador who passed away, and Fronky may be providing her with the much-needed puppy cuddles.

According to Eileen, spending some time with Fronky during her break is extremely beneficial for her. Shaun and Fronky share a great bond, and Shaun often drops by to meet Fronky on her off days. Eileen mentioned that Shaun has become a part of their family and they eagerly await her visits every day. Fronky gets excited and goes out of control whenever he hears Shaun’s voice.

Hill’s Pets notes that Fronky’s fondness for Shaun is not typical of his breed, as Bullmastiffs tend to be reserved towards strangers. However, they are known for their affectionate and gentle nature towards family, making them a great match for households with well-mannered children. It seems that Fronky considers Shaun to be a part of his family, which is a heartwarming explanation for their bond. Eileen expressed her delight in the mutual love between Fronky and Shaun, and they both eagerly anticipate spending time together.

Fronky, a lovable and sizable dog, has an adorable companion that is a joy to behold. For those interested in seeing more of Fronky’s antics, there are additional images and videos available on his Instagram page.

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