“A Heartwarming Tale of a Canine Mom: Adopting Baby Possums and Taking Them Along on Her Adventures”

These five infant possums had a dim future ahead of them until a kind-hearted dog stepped in and granted them a new lease on life.

Five baby possums were left without a mother after a dog attacked and killed her in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Fortunately, Stephanie Maldonado, a dog trainer, was able to rescue the helpless newborns. Despite their youth and vulnerability, Stephanie is determined to do everything she can to ensure their survival.

The little newborns were in constant need of care. Apart from being fed and cleaned regularly, they required sufficient warmth too. Typically, the newborns would cuddle with their mother, but in this case, that was not an option, which was quite unfortunate.

Maldonado’s petite pup, Pretinha, quickly recognized the need for assistance in ensuring the survival of the newborns. Without hesitation, she took on the role of caregiver, providing a warm and cozy environment for the little ones. Pretinha lovingly embraced her new role as an adoptive mother to the five precious babies, cuddling with them and carrying them on her back as if they were her own.

Typically, possums without parents would receive care from a wildlife rehabber who knows how to take care of these creatures. These rehabbers have the necessary expertise to feed them properly. Since possum babies don’t suckle like other mammals, they require special attention and skills to raise. Additionally, they are prone to fleas so they need assistance in keeping flea-free.

It seems like Maldonado and Pretinha had a good plan because the babies they adopted started to thrive and even went out for walks with their new “moms”. The whole family looked adorable, and the small dog appeared to be very pleased with her role as a possum mom.

Have a look at these cute creatures as they snuggle up and cuddle together in their cozy bed. The most heartwarming sight is the tiny babies riding on the back of the little dog. It’s quite ironic that they lost their mother to a dog, but another dog came to their rescue and saved them.

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